Scientific Diving Course

  • COAS 6000 is listed a a “Complete” style course. This means that there is no letter grade given, and the course does not necessarily conform to the semester schedule.
  • COAS 4000/4001/4002 students will receive a letter grade.
  • This is a modular training program. Modules generally consist of classroom, confined water and open water sections. Successful completion of each section of a module and it’s written examination is required to receive credit for the module.
  • The majority of the classroom material is available online.
  • Scheduled class meetings are either Mondays or Fridays from 8am to 12pm at the Minges pool. Other required meetings will be scheduled on a TBA basis.
  • Open Water training is scheduled for the two weeks immediately following the close of semester exams.

SCUBA Equipment

You will need:

  • Regulator consisting of a 1st stage, primary 2nd stage, octopus, and gauges
  • Buoyancy compensator with power inflator
  • Mask, fins, snorkel, proper weighting
  • Exposure suit suitable for expected conditions
  • Dive watch or bottom timer, and dive knife